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Nothing is ever good enough

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While vacuuming mass amounts of dog and people hair as well as dropped paper bits and kettle corn crumbs from the carpet, I realized why the house tends to be a pigsty.

I did some heavy cleaning since Mom was at work, and one of my pet peeves is that when she sees me cleaning, she takes on the role of the overseer and I'm the slave. She just sits and watches me and points out where I missed spots, or not to forget to vacuum the border against the wall. It annoys me since she acts like I can't clean. I say, who gives a shit, as long as the job gets done. But if I don't vacuum like she wants it done, then she just gives orders. Or rather than sit there and watch, why doesn't she take the damn vacuum and do it her way? I'll get to cleaning the borders after I finish with one section. There's only one vacuum and I'm not an octopus.

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