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My Mother is Insane.

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So my mother calls me to help her cancel her print job, when she realizes that it's going to be 111 pages. I miss the call but call her back as soon as my phone beeps with a voicemail.

As for a bit of background, my mother is COMPLETELY computer illiterate. She get s ahold of a friend who helps her cancel the print job after 26 pages.

When I call her back she asks me how to check her printer ink, which I try to walk her through although it's been a while since I've had a printer (at least since we moved into our apartment here in East Hartford - about 45 minutes from my mother's house in Stratford). We're clicking through the control panel, or right clicking on the printer icon near the time on the toolbar. She then starts talking to me about how she's coming up this way tomorrow morning to bring her male-friend (boyfriend - that's a whole other story) to the hospital which I'm expected to remember is for some kind of liver biopsy (at least I think that's what it was - she assumed I knew exactly what she was talking about). We're trying to make arrangements for me to get my last W2 so that I can file my taxes and get some desperately needed money.

She asks for my boyfriend's cell phone number in case she misses me before I head into work tomorrow night, or she will possibly drive up to Granby (where I work) and give it to me there. So I try to explain a bit of directions (which should be easy but of course nothing with my mother is easy considering she's one of those people that talks when you're trying to talk and although she doesn't mean anything by it I get super pissed and frustrated). 

"Take 91 North to exit 40," I say.
"Okay exit 91, " She starts.
"Oh! (bit of laughter) sorry I switched them"
(Huffing a bit) "Okay Mom, exit 40 off 91, which is route 20, this is the way you would go to get to Bradley Airport"
Then my mother goes into some little vignette about Bradley Airport and probably something about missing my little brother, which I obviously ignore.

"Okay mom, then you'll see an Exit for route 20 going towards Granby, you go straight down route 20 and don't turn until you see Salmonbrook Road, which is also known as Route 202/10."

"Oh! I think I've been up there before, I take a right at that intersection don't I?"

(This is where I give up and tell her I'm developing a headache and need to get going)

I should probably have a little more patience with her, considering I've been told that MS does this to people's brains, but seriously.  I need a labotomy.
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