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alright, that's the last straw.

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So I just received a certified letter in the mail here at work, from my mother (whom I still live with), informing me that per our "conversation" (which was really just her saying to me, and then me saying "no") that my weekly rent was moving up from $75 a week to $175 a week. (YEA FUCKING RIGHT) She told me that she's raising it so it'll give me incentive to move out. I bet one of her idiot Tough Love friends told her to write me a letter. At the end she says, "Please handle this in an adult manner," which makes me laugh a little (and want to choke her) because SHE'S not handling this like an adult. Sending me a letter at work? What if I wasn't the person to open the mail? what if I wasn't here and the mail came in and Marnie opened it for some reason. 

And I've been nothing but helpful and nice to her since she completely embarrassed me in front of chris. now chris won't go to my house if my mother is there. and when i told her that she made chris uncomfortable and how he doesn't want to come back she said "fine, i don't want him here anyway, he's not allowed to come here" which is just fine because when her idiot boyfriend comes over (whom she started seeing before my father died, and whom she still refuses to admit is her boyfriend) it'll be nice to finally make him seriously feel unwelcome. 

Needless to say, I am furious.
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