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i joined this community, &it being almost three am, a picture from mommie dearest as the loopy_mothers icon made me crack up.
problem is, i have a monroe piercing, &i had it in my teeth at the time i started laughing. so here i am, laughing&screaming "ow.. ow!" so my mom came out and said, "are you alright?!" yeah, i'm fine. "okay. i thought you were crying."
hahaha i love my mom.

there was also one incident where my mom was eating chocolate in bed&she fell asleep with a piece in her mouth. the next day, there was chocolate all over the sheets&our dogs had picked apart the comforter.
so that's when i instated the "no chocolate in bed" rule, which was clearly broken when i found a piece of chocolate on my mom's side of her bed a week or so ago.

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